Coventry Jets embroiled in transfer scandal after securing survival

On a day Coventry Jets should be celebrating NFC South Division 1 survival, the club claim they are the victims of an illegal transfer negotiation.

Birmingham Bulls lost their final game of the season meaning they replace the Jets at the foot of the table and are therefore relegated.

However, just hours after the news of the teams’ survival, an open letter from Chairman Bruce Leatherman that outlined the concerning matters in hand was posted on the clubs website.


It states shortly after the clubs 71-0 defeat to Sandwell Steelers in April, long serving player Josh Kelly (pictured above) handed in a transfer request amid rumours league leaders Leicester Falcons were interested in claiming his services.

The Jets claim money involving outstanding membership fees were misplaced by Leicester, breaching British American Football Association (BAFA) ethics code 3.1 which states:

A BAFA participant shall at all times act in the best interests of the game and shall not act in any manner which is improper or brings the game into disrepute, including but not limited to:

(i) making or accepting payments to participants that are not explicitly permitted, or causing or encouraging others to do so”


As the club were about to launch a complaint to the league, Kelly came into contact with club officials stating he felt that the Falcons had mistreated him and would like a move back to the Jets.

The letter states:

“However, while preparing our request we were approached by Josh who wished to solicit our help in transferring back to the Coventry Jets. In his message, he states “they were on and on to me to move to just try to make the jets weaker and to make them loo(sic) better” and “they have brought me over on false pretences”. He later goes on to confirm that his £100 debt was covered by the Leicester Falcons.”


(picture credit to


Jets decided to take this as well as their concerns over the transfer to BAFA in turn who asked for a statement from Kelly himself.

A short time after, the club issued a follow-up enquiry which included an issue regarding the non-payment for membership from another player in Dominic Olney and his links to Leicester, a matter totally unrelated to the Kelly relationships.

(picture credit to

They did not ask for it to be investigated specifically but said in the letter:

“While the images do not explicitly disclose any wrongdoing, they do reinforce the suspected pattern of potentially illicit transactions and cast significant doubt over the legitimacy of the transfer.”

However, after 11th May, the NFC South Division 1 outfit claim, apart from reassurances the findings are part of on-going investigations, the league failed make any poignant contact with them about these worries since the statement was submitted.

Read the full Coventry Jets open letter, including Kelly’s statement, here.



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